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About Us

Earthpace LLC is a global advisory firm that specializes in clean energy, environmental governance, and sustainability. Earthpace enables clients to meet energy and environmental policy and legal requirements through law, coalition building, stakeholder education and decision support.

Earthpace provides counsel on issues associated with clean technologies, emissions trading, environmental impact assessment, renewable fuels and energy efficiency. Our practice specializes in environmental market analysis, emerging clean energy technologies, and regulatory systems in the United States and internationally.

Earthpace closely monitors developments and counsels clients on climate change policy in the U.S, both at the federal, regional and state levels, as well as abroad, in the European Union, Australia, China, Japan, Africa, and Latin America.

Our President, Ken Markowitz, brings twenty-five years of experience solving technical and regulatory problems through his work with U.S. government agencies, large international law firms, and environmental non-government organizations.

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Who We Are

Earthpace consultants bring a wide range of experience and skills to bear on issues of environmental policy and law; our team has years of unique experience in the environmental, legal, marketing, and technology professions working with government, industry, and civil society groups.

Our President, Ken Markowitz, brings over twenty years of experience solving technical and regulatory problems through the implementation of innovative ideas. His experience includes work at large U.S. government agencies, large international law firms and environmental non-government organizations.

Earthpace's Chief Executive Officer, Marcy Markowitz, is a marketing consultant and event planner. Meredith Reeves, our Senior Analyst, brings experience on water governance issues as well as a background in communications.

Earthpace also regularly utlizes the services of its strategic partners.

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Our Projects

Earthpace has established a high standard of excellence for responding to the needs of numerous governmental and nongovernmental clients. Recent projects include: