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Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicators

indicatorsEarthpace spearheads the Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicators Initiative as a consultant to the INECE Secretariat. As part of this work, Earthpace helped INECE convene and manage an Expert Working Group on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicators; supported the development of the Performance Measurement Guidance for Compliance and Enforcement Practitioners; and developed other publications on indicators theory and practice.

Earthpace supported the drafting of a two-day course on identifying, designing, and using performance indicators for compliance and enforcement programs. On behalf of INECE, Earthpace delivered the course in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; Central Europe; and Central America, and is planning future deliveries of the course in 2010.

INECE partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to develop pilot projects to identify opportunities to create efficiencies in the implementation of biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). Through the identification, design, and use of environmental compliance and enforcement indicators, INECE and UNEP sought to recognize potential synergies among activities designed to ensure compliance with MEA obligations and to enable countries to more effectively and efficiently implement MEA requirements. See http://inece.org/indicators/unep/ for more.